Daniel Jimenez Afanador

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Daniel Jimenez Afanador
Daniel Jimenez Afanador an award winning singer/songwriter who mixes the musical influences of his native Colombia with alternative rock and pop to create songs that are both intimate and intense. Singing in both Spanish and English, his music takes you on a soulful journey that you won't soon forget. In addition to performing, Daniel is also a producer having worked with Grammy winning artists and up-and coming-acts like Sony Music's Beto Guzman and Becky G.
Deep Swimming in Brazil
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Daniel's third solo album, Deep Swimming In Brazil, is a collection of instantly hummable yet deeply sophisticated songs. The new record will surprise longtime fans with a more direct sound along with the fact that all but one of the album's eight tracks are in English.
"Music became my salvation at a very early age. I remember falling in love with my favorite records and realizing that all my troubles seemed insignificant compared to the beauty of those sounds."
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